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Film Lives Here

film lives here

Before we had camera phones, used cameras with digital imaging sensors, edited with Photoshop, and instantaneously shared our photos with Instagram, there was film. With the evolution of digital photography, film to many has become an afterthought. A lost art.
Not us.
NOC is a community darkroom; a place where people can learn and practice the art of film photography. Our doors in Biddeford, Maine are open to all who are interested in film, no matter how skilled or experienced you are. Enroll in a class, become a member, or reach out to learn more. Together we can keep film alive.      

NOC director: tina johnson

As a component of Engine, Tina Johnson opened NOC in 2015 as an avenue to pursue her lifelong passion for photography. Upon graduating from Biddeford High School in 2009, Johnson studied photography at the New Hampshire Institute of Art with major focuses on black and white film, printmaking, and mixed media.
The opportunities to share her knowledge, inspire other artists and help grow and develop the creative community are what brought her back to Biddeford. Aside from her time at NOC, Johnson continues to pursue her path as a fine artist and enjoys riding her bike. She lives in Eliot, Maine with her husband Sammy.


equipment tutorials

monthly membership: $85.00

Our monthly membership allows you to print and develop as much film as you like. We include the necessary cost of chemistry for film processing in this price. For members interested in spending more time in the darkroom, we are willing to coordinate access to the space at times outside of our normal operating hours. To sign up and become a member now, click here.       

intro to noc (required): $50.00  

This is a two-step introduction process to our space that we ask all prospective members to go through.
First: we will teach you the essentials to developing your own roll of film. This is to show you how things should be done (where the equipment is, how to turn the water on & off, use chemistry for film processing, etc.) and to help you get acclimated with our space.
Second: we will teach you how to develop and create prints with your film step by step. We will show you how to operate the enlargers, use our various filters, and other essential skills to the editing process that will help you create the best possible photo.        

pinhole class & prints: $65.00 - $125.00

Using a tin coffee can, you can capture and create your own prints in minutes. It is simple, fun, and we will teach you the process step by step. Join a class for $65 or schedule a private session for $125.

print sessions: $17.00

Bring your own paper and film, and create as many prints as you can. You will have access to all of our chemistry and processing equipment including enlargers, easels, light tables, filters, etc.

process a roll of film: $6.00

Develop your own black and white film. You have your roll of negatives, now it is time to bring them to life on paper. Whether you have never developed before, or have some experience and need a refresher, we can help you turn your negatives into prints.