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PurchasE film

Unfortunately we only have film in short supply and are unable to provide any for classes and private sessions. Should you need film, we recommend the following options for working in the darkroom. All prices and products below are from B&H Photo & Video based in New York City. We recommend B&H for online purchases.
For in-store purchases, we recommend visiting either Photo Market in Portland or Hunt's Photo & Video in South Portland. Click either of the logos below to learn more.     

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Ilford Delta 100 Professional B+W Negative Film

(35 MM Roll Film  24 Exposures)

With a high sharpness, fine grain, and wide exposure latitude, this roll is a great option for general photo subjects. This roll is less sensitive to light than the Ilford 400. 

Ilford Delta 400 Professional B+W Negative Film

(35 MM Roll Film  24 Exposures)

This roll has all the capabilities of the 100, but with a higher ISO will be slightly better for action shots that require photographing moving subjects.   

Kodak Professional T-Max 100 B+W Negative Film

(35 MM Roll Film  36 Exposures)

This roll will give you all of the same capabilities of the Ilford 100. But, how many exposures do you want? This roll gives you the opportunity to shoot more photos. (36 vs. 24)  

Kodak Professional T-Max 400 B+W Negative Film

(35 MM Roll Film  36 Exposures)

If you want more exposures and are interested in photographing moving subjects, this is the roll for you.

negative sleeves


Print File Archival Storage Pages for Negatives

(35 MM  25 Pack)

Sleeves are essential for archiving your negatives and ensuring they will not be damaged by scratches, dust, etc. before processing. Each page holds up to 35 prints.